The Big Picture

We have been translated into the Kingdom of God when we got Born Again in our spirit. So we are in this world, but no longer of it. Being in this Kingdom, recognise God as your provider. Know that there are two Kingdoms functioning; the world system vs the God system (Kingdom). The Kingdom of God is a higher system that can alter conditions for us in this world. There must be a constant flow between us and God. We send him up our; Praise, Worship, His Word, Prayer, Obedience, Receive from Him every Promise. What must God do nothing! He has already completed His part. Matthew 6:33; John 15:7; John 16:23,24; Mark 11:23,24

Zooming in

Finances in the marriage covenant. Realise that everything inside the marriage between both has been made into one by the covenant. 2=1 is the equation, in covenant everything is completely exchanged, that means selfish motives do not belong in the marriage.

Practical implications

Income- Whether there is two incomes or one income; there is still only one income. (explain) Sit together and work out the budget together. It is important to communicate all spending (expenses) or income with each other. Be careful not to fall into the trap of I’ll pay the this with my salary ( bond, car payment) and I’ll pay that with my salary( food, school fees, clothing) this will surely breed loop holes and will stop you from being completely in unity with each other concerning your finances. The key here is to maintain your unity and agreement concerning all finances.

Ensure that your money is connected to God, remember God don’t need our money, but we need to make sure our money is covered by the Blessing. Our tithing is out of a loving heart towards god since we are no longer under the Law, but are now under Grace which covers us wholly. The key to remember is this, when we tithe it is unto Christ Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith. Even though we are giving it to church declare your giving to Christ with gladness in your heart. This is a very purposeful action and is really acting out our faith. It may seem financially not possible to give already we want to give our left over, buckling under other financial commitments. This is hard to do at times, but is where breakthrough lies. Do we really trust and believe our God as the owner of the universe who can supply all my needs according to His riches in Glory through Christ Jesus. (Why have Him as your God if you don’t think He is able to sustain you). Coming into agreement concerning this is vital.

The Word says that God wants us to be Debt free. How do we achieve this? Firstly stop making any new debt (clothing, groceries, cash loans, credit cards, etc). Together write down all your debt and purpose in your heart to pay off all that debt. This is a goal that will take a few years to achieve, but once you have reached that milestone it is worth the sacrifice. Unexplainable peace, joy of life will flood your soul. The big debts being house and car trust God also for these big ones. (The widow and the oil- we will never know Gods supernatural provision till we stop trying to meet our own needs).

The Method

Question: How do we receive the manifestation of Gods provision in our lives?


Question: How does God provide for us?


Question: How do I get hold of these promises practically in my life?


Question:What are the blockages to our receiving?


Requirements for success

  • Stay in Christ – Do not let sin separate you from God’s love (agape) and Grace (unmerited favour)
  • Stay in Faith – Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God
  • Stay in Love – not just with your marriage partner, but also no unforgiveness in your heart and in peace with all people